Is Gold Max Safe?

GoldMax™ – GMP Health is conducting a voluntary campaign of information about Gold Max Pink and Gold Max Blue dietary supplement counterfeiting.

We are aware that on worldwide markets there are counterfeited boxes of Gold Max Pink and Gold Max Blue containing undeclared ingredients. The counterfeit supplements are not manufactured, distributed or packaged by us, but is falsely marked with the same name and boxed used by GoldMax™ for its genuine supplements.

GoldMax™ – GMP Health is committed to protect the market place and its customers from counterfeit supplements purporting to be authentic Gold Max Pink and Gold Max Blue.

However, as we’ve seen on many websites including eBay and Amazon, as a precaution we advise customers to purchase the supplements only from our GoldMax™ Official websites. This practice should avoid the unwitting purchase of counterfeit products that are not properly labeled and that come from sources that are not mindful of customer safety.

If you have any queries, please not hesitate to speak with our friendly customer service team.

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